Party-Cooler/Can Cooler

Party Cooler / Cooling Can / Cooling Barrel - Decorative Frame and LED - GCPT75
  • Party Cooler / Cooling Can / Cooling Barrel - Decorative Frame and LED - GCPT75
  • Round cooletr with decorative frame / refrigerator in tin form
  • Energielabel neu
  • Round refrigerator in tin form with LED lighting in operation
  • Cooling ton without lighting during operation
  • Light switch of the party cooler / cooling box
  • Decorative frame of the Party Cooler - GCPT75
  • Party Cooler GCPT75 with decorative frame and LED lighting without content
  • Cooling box with decorative frame with filling - GCPT75 LED
  • Mobility wheels of the promotion refrigerator in can format
  • Manual temperature control of the advertising refrigerator in barrel design


The party cooler GCPT75 - the round cooling barrel with decorative frame and LED

The ready-to-use GCPT75 party-cooler has a gross volume of 75 litres. Since the shape of the refrigerator is strongly reminiscent of a beverage can, many beverage manufacturers use it as a sales-promoting "cooling can" or advertising refrigerator. This can significantly increase the number of impulse purchases.

The innovative LED interior lighting ensures that the goods inside the appliance are optimally illuminated.

As standard, the Party-Cooler is equipped with a transparent lid, through which you can always keep an eye on the supply. Four mobility wheels make the can fridge flexible, make transport easier and enable a quick change of location, e.g. for events or in dry weather in outdoor catering. A manual temperature control ensures perfect cooling in the range between 0 - 10 0C. An integrated fan ensures fast and even cooling. A flexible basket creates order inside the unit.

Of course, this extraordinary party cooler is produced according to the legal European CE and RoHS guidelines. As required by law, the coolants and foaming of the devices are of course free of HFCs and CFCs. The environmentally friendly isobutane is used as refrigerant. The energy consumption of the refrigerator is only 0.7 kWh/24h.

You can request special prices for larger quantities (from 10 units) here.

You want to provide the Party Cooler with your own advertising print? No problem, just order a full branding in Addition!


  • Transparent lid
  • Manual temperature control
  • 4 wheels for easy moving

Technical data

  • Volume (netto): 60 l
  • Volume (gross): 71 l
  • Capacity bottles: 40 0,33 l bottles / 30 0,5 l bottles / 24 0,7 l bottles
  • Capacity cans: 120 0,25 l cans / 86 0,33 l cans / 80 0,33 l slim cans / 64 0,5 l cans
  • External dimensions HxWxD: 106 x 44,5 x 44,5 cm
  • Internal dimensions HxWxD: 71,7 x 36 x 36 cm
  • Weight (gross): 27 kg
  • Weight (netto): 25 kg
  • Climate class: N-ST
  • Energy consumption: 0,66 kWh/24h
  • Electrical connection: 220-240V/50Hz/100W
  • Coolant: R600a, FCKW- & FKW-Frei
  • Temperature range: from 0°C to 10°C