Narrow retro fridge with glass door - GCGD175

Narrow retro refrigerator with glass door - GCGD175
  • Narrow retro refrigerator with glass door - GCGD175
  • Retro fridge with glass door - extra narrow
  • POS retro cooler - slim and elegant
  • Beverage refrigerator in retro look - little floor space required
  • Bottle rack of the narrow retro fridge with glass door
  • Detail picture lock of the narrow beverage refrigerator in retro look
  • Detail picture fan of narrow retro refrigerator


If you are looking for a refrigerator that takes up little space and yet attracts everyone's attention, then the GCGD175 is the absolute top device. The retro refrigerator combines all the positive features that restaurant owners and shopkeepers want: With its external dimensions of 1.91 m x 41.8 cm x 49.5 cm, it can easily be set up anywhere, even where there is not much space available or where space is particularly precious. It also looks extremely elegant. With its white frame, rounded corners and glass door, it is almost a design object with practical use. The absence of a handle underlines the impressive aesthetics of the device.

But the appearance is not everything that captivates. The technology is also more than presentable. With almost mickri-gen 45 dBA, the slim refrigerator works very quietly, which is more than pleasant for all users at the installation site. With an energy consumption of less than 1.7 kWh/24 hours, the GCGD175 cools reliably and constantly at 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. This is due on the one hand to the double-glazed front, which keeps the cold safely inside the appliance, and on the other hand to the self-closing function and of course to the energy-saving and equally sensational LED interior lighting.

Plenty of performance in a device just 41.8 cm wide, which fits into even the smallest corners and surfaces and offers a total of 208 l net cold storage space. You can use it as you please with six height-adjustable mesh shelves and load it with many cans or bottles. If one of them should break - no problem. The inner housing made of easy-care plastic is very easy to clean. Perfect for all locations where there is a lot of activity and many drinks are sold in a short time.


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  • Glass door, self-closing
  • Glass door, double glazed
  • LED interior lighting
  • Manual temperature display
  • 6 height adjustable mesh shelves
  • lock

Technical data

  • Volume (netto): 208 l
  • Volume (gross): 220 l
  • External dimensions HxWxD: 191,00 x 41,8 x 49,5 cm
  • Internal dimensions HxWxD: 177,00 x 35,5 x 39,6 cm
  • Climate class: ST
  • Energy consumption: 1,65 kWh/24h
  • Electrical connection: 220-240V/50Hz/130Watt
  • Coolant: R600a
  • Temperature range: from 0°C to 10°C
  • Noise emission:45dB(A)