License products & Specials

Gastro-Cool brings brands and consumers together. How is this possible? You issue us a licence to produce refrigeration equipment, for example with your brand logo. We produce the equipment in consultation with you, distribute it or make it available to you at special prices. Example: a kiosk owner buys a branded refrigerator and receives a decorative cooling unit that acts as a permanent reminder at the POS thanks to the application of the logo. When the branded equipment is used, for example, in a pub or the beverage department of a supermarket, it serves as an interesting promotional and marketing tool that boosts sales at the POS or POD. Licensers can also buy the equipment from Gastro-Cool on demand orders at special rates if needed. In this case, we deliver the equipment just in time so you save high inventory carrying costs.

Product Examples

Here you see a few examples from our product range. Please select a product for direct enquiries.

Product overview